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Laurence Hamburger

A multi-award winning film and commercials director whose work will amaze you.

After graduating in 1992 from the University of Cape Town with a degree in History and African Literature, Laurence Hamburger entered the world of television. He’s been working as a film director for the last 20 years, specializing in TV commercials, music videos and viral documentary. He’s shot all over the world and won many international awards. He’s worked for clients as varied and prestigious as Ikea, Nandos, VW, SABC, Toyota, & Sony Playstation.

Laurence started off as an assistant editor on the 6 part BBC series “Soweto” followed by an extensive period of producing/directing documentary inserts for “The Worx” (a Television Arts program at the SABC). Between 1996 and 1998, he lived in Amsterdam, and began a career directing TV Commercials. In his first year, his work for ‘Soesman Language Training’ won The Journalist’s Prize at Cannes, which was also included in Shots “Top 10 Watershed Commercials of All-time”, due to it’s success as one of the first ever Internet virals.

In 1998, he joined STINK in London for whom he made over 50 commercials in over 20 countries, winning various Golds and Silvers at the Clios and Epica awards. He was briefly represented by Smuggler in the USA. Between 2003 and 2012 he was represented by Egg films in Cape Town. In 2004 his advert for SABC ‘Ya Mamphela’ won the Grand Prix Loerie along with 3 gold craft awards. In 2007, along with a Gold in Directing, he also shared the Loeries Gold for Creative Direction, for his work for Nandos. This made him the first, and only, film director in SA to do so

In 2013 he published his first book, ‘Frozen Chicken Train Wreck’. It is a series of re-printed newspaper headline posters collected from the streets of Johannesburg. For the last 5 years, he has been developing a documentary on the history of the Laugh Track in modern TV and next book, ‘Black Plastic’, is a collection of anecdotes around the rare Record Cover Art of Township Pop music from the 70’s and 80’s.

Laurence is represented in South Africa by his production company, Goodcop.

As of this morning, all of his dreams were still alive.

Masters & Savant. Be moved.