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This client is guaranteed a two week turnaround time with the agreement that feedback is given within the same working day to ensure that deadlines can be met.




Youtube pre-Rolls, digital signage

We have been working with Willis Collaborative in New York for the past three years. We do a high volume of B2B marketing work for their client Dell, that is stylistically consistent across multiple product lines.

Each project is a high-energy narrated and titled video, featuring a blend of stills, footage and animated infographics. This client is a great example of how we use tried & tested operational models and workflows to turn around work quickly and efficiently.


30" Master sequences are created, followed by 15" cut-downs, with anything from 9 to 12 end title variations on each script - so there is a considerable versioning to manage. Most projects are VFX-based and we do a of lot rotoscoping, tracking, grading and title-animation with final audio-mix thrown in


We often create resized versions for various other digital media within days of the main delivery.

Will Willis

Founder and CEO - Willis Collaborative, New York

For the past three years Masters & Savant has played an integral role in our ability to deliver exceptional creative to our global Fortune 1000 clients.

Their ability to understand the creative needs of a given campaign quickly, produce extraordinary results on tight schedules regardless of the treatment, and do so at competitive costs are why we’ve continued to increase the amount of work we do with them each year.

In fact, in the case of one of our clients, we are now their number one video vendor thanks in large part to Masters & Savant’s extraordinary efforts.

Masters & Savant lives and breathes our client promise of volume, velocity and variety. They’re an incredible partner and I wholeheartedly recommend them.