A simple and effective 360° marketing campaign for a beloved charity


Young & Laramore, Indianapolis


3 Unique 30-second spots and a 15-second spot with cut-downs, 3 Unique original music tracks, 17 print resolution frames.

Goodwill is a charity founded in Boston. It uses proceeds from the sale of donated second-hand items to create employment and fund the education and skills development of people all over the world. Goodwill’s agency, Young & Laramore, briefed us on the creation of a charming campaign with a cel animation feel. We also managed and creatively oversaw the original music production for the agency as part of the direction of the spots.


Cel animation is a manual process dating from the early days of animation when every frame was painted by hand. We used a similar electronic process where our artists drew each frame with a digital stylus rather than paint on celluloid sheets.

This project is a beautiful example of using a budget cleverly to create a rich body of distinctive material that the brand could leverage across television, online and in print.