Our close relationship, our ability to work fast, and the favourable rand-dollar exchange rate, means that HUb can offer TV and web-video productions to a client who would otherwise not have budget for it.



HUb San Francisco developed a distinctive visual language for Stanford Children’s Health advertising and communications, featuring a unique watercolour illustration style. They wanted to take this style further, growing from print and OOH, and adapt it for animation. In 2016, we produced our first animated ad for them: “Headbonks”. Since then, we have produced 7 more animated ads for Stanford Children’s Health, ranging from 15 second pre-rolls, all the way to 90 second explainer videos.

It’s a collaborative process, where we work in tandem with HUb to develop scripts, design characters, storyboard sequences and produce the final animation. This allows HUb to flex its creativity as an agency, and Stanford Children’s Health to keep their messaging fresh and relevant

Our animated productions are used for TV, digital billboards, YouTube pre-rolls and on Stanford Children’s Health social channels.

Masters & Savant has been our go-to animation partner for all of our Stanford client work. They were able to create a very intricate watercolor illustration style and to emulate what we developed for static use - seamlessly bringing it to life in animation.

With every video, we start M&S off with very little info (a script) and they bring the concept to life from the very early stages through to visual write-ups, storyboards, animatics and then bringing it all to life with animation…

Aside from the great work, they're very flexible in working with us: they're able to staff projects to move quickly, and they're always accommodating with the long distance (usually staying online late in the day to have a call with us when we get into the office).

One big reason we've had budget to do as many videos as we have with M&S is the cost efficiency, especially given the quality of the work - and they always come in on budget. Creatively, our creative directors have meshed really well with the M&S creative team and they seem to be on the same page, which is not always easy to find with a partner.

Not only have the videos to date won awards, but we and the client are very happy and proud of the work done to date.


Jessica D'Elia, Brand Director
HUb Strategy & Communication, San Francisco Office
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