OMO | Campaign

A fantastical and fun Facebook competition for OMO washing powder


DELIVERABLES: Interactive 360° Photo

OMO’s payoff line is “Dirt is Good”. The washing powder brand celebrates children learning by being active outdoors. We were asked to make a  360° Facebook photo to be used in a competition to win one of many OMO washing power hampers. The competition mechanic was to explore and search in the 360° photograph to find the teddy bear in the detailed scene and then screen-grab it and post it in the comments section of the Facebook post.

The 3D photo effect is best on a mobile phone. As you move a phone around in real space, the view on the phone screen moves with it. This is possible because a phone’s gyroscope and accelerometer allow it to know where exactly where it is pointing. On a computer, you can use the onscreen arrows in the Facebook window to navigate.

The effect is quite immersive, and it’s delightful when you realise you can even point the phone at the floor to discover a toy firetruck or at the sky to see a sky-writing aeroplane.

The Masters & Savant team share our appetite for innovation and have been instrumental in bringing to life the creative concept our team has developed for OMO, protecting its integrity and supporting us throughout.

Their level of skill, not only in the craft but also in the production support, is outstanding. They have supported us in tightening timing plans but have not compromised on delivering creative excellence at the end of the project. They have provided competitive costings, which are broken down easily for the client’s procurement department, and we have felt supported in coming in on budget with a great rationale on all costs.

I am very impressed with the level of professionalism in all aspects of the services they have provided to us. Masters & Savant has always been willing to work through challenges with us, creating the feeling of ‘one team’.


Claudia Bostock, Business Unit Director (Unilever)
Digitas Liquorice, Durban Office
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