Strepsils & Dobendan

As part of a global brand refresh, Reckitt Benckiser needed to update and standardise their Mode-Of-Action demos for their international brands: Strepsils and Dobendan.


HAVAS Germany


5 animations

These animations are used midway through most commercials to succinctly demonstrate the actions and benefits of a particular throat lozenge or spray.  As creative and legal requirements, they needed to briefly and clearly show the physical actions of the product. They also had to work in conjunction with Strepsils’ ubiquitous mascot, Mr. T, stick with an overall common branding palette, follow legal standards for the advertisement of medicinal products as well as work as drop-in inserts on any spray or lozenge commercial being produced, across multiple markets in Europe and Asia.

As a technical requirement, they needed to be supplied in a form that easily allows for brand-colour changes across various territories and products. They also needed to allow for overall brand switching (Dobendan vs Strepsils) an for conversion of supers into various languages.

RB and Havas Düsseldorf approached us to collaborate on the production of all 5 animations. This involved the modelling and styling of their new 3D ‘Super-S’ key visual, the look development and animation of the inner throat model and the adaptation of the various storyboards into sequences that fit within the very tight duration limits. Additionally, we treated on and styled the transition device used to bridge the live-action and animation world - in this case, establishing the demos as content on Mr T’s handheld tablet.


Over the course of several months, we led reviews between the creative agency in Düsseldorf and multiple product teams and clients based in Germany, France, USA and the UK. Together we integrated the many technical, legal and creative requirements into a series of demos that could be successfully integrated into new and old commercials alike.

In the final review, we had a very successful working relationship with client and agencies alike, who commended us on being able to ride and tame a process, with many opposing desires and requirements, to the satisfaction of all involved.