Live Action Service

Masters & Savant provide a unique “boutique” experience approach to live action service production

We work closely with you at every stage of a production.

We use dedicated teams that pride ourselves on giving you detailed individual attention.

We allocate money to where it matters most.
Our overhead margins are smaller, so we can offer you better rates.

You will benefit from our established relationships with the top suppliers to the film
industry, including the best crew. We have the country’s best crew and equipment at our fingertips.

We provide you a thorough and transparent cost reporting system, with all invoices available
electronically at your request.

Your Team


Alexis Ziman

For the last 12 years Alexis has worked on international television
commercials for clients such as Deichmann, Schwartzkopf, Haribo,
Ernstings and Nutella amongst others, from across the world and
places such as Germany, Holland, France and Poland. She is a whizz
with figures and prides herself on producing content that respects
the creative vision whilst preserving her clients’ budgets.


Laura Macleod

For the last 26 years Laura has successfully produced over a
hundred TVCs, television series and feature film productions.
Laura’s service experience comes from working on European,
American, Middle Eastern and African commercials and series.

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