This reel showcases work by Masters & Savant and our represented talent. Credits on project pages.

3D Characters Talent Showcase

Bringing well-rounded, fleshed-out characters to life

3D has been the watchword in animation since Pixar Studios revolutionised the art two decades ago. Beginning with initial sketches, running through character designs, model-sheets, colour studies, modelling, rigging and performance, building 3D characters that inspire genuine emotional connections takes a solid chain of innovative design, combined with engaging and nuanced performance.

While some characters are wholly new, others may already be firmly imprinted on the public’s consciousness. A brand mascot, for example, requires specialised care when undergoing transition from two to three dimensions.

We can direct and produce the process from beginning to end — or just those parts you require — in a variety of styles: photo-real or cartoon, luminous colour or muted tones; smooth, scaled or furry; wet or dry. Illustrators, 3D modellers, texture and lighting specialists and animators work together to bring your character from drawing board to final vision.

Our technical expertise in 3D character animation

Character design (2D illustration) | Model sheets and colour studies | 3D sculpts | 3D modelling | Materials: shaders and texturing | Lighting | Character rigging | Character animation | Rotomation | 3D tracking: match moves, scene integration | Compositing: lighting, grade, grain match | Hair and fur | Motion capture (Xsens and head mounted facial rigs) | Script pipeline tools