This reel showcases work by Masters & Savant and our represented talent. Credits on project pages.

Apparel Ads Talent Showcase

Fast fashion and compelling impact

In the fast-moving world of apparel retail, where fashions change not only from season to season but from day to day, unforeseen factors can present considerable risk. Summer unseasonably cold? Winter uncharacteristically warm? You still need to move that stock.

The team or agency responsible for your fashion shoots should be taking all this into account, keeping on their toes and factoring in any and all circumstances. That means being on-trend in designing shoot treatments while remaining true to a client’s long-term brand identity. It means being creative and innovative on tight budgets while consistently delivering high-quality, high-impact output. It also obviously means understanding and managing the intensity of production, steering a process that will produce a dynamic TV commercial that demands attention from concept to delivery in a month.

We're up for it!

At Masters & Savant we understand that to create compelling value in a highly competitive retail market, successful brands need short-duration TVCs that deliver impact. Through great working relationships with our production partners, we ensure effective planning, exquisite outcomes and excellent value.