This reel showcases work by Masters & Savant and our represented talent. Credits on project pages.

Branded content Talent Showcase

Constructing commercial identity

Fostering a connection with your market means turning them into an audience, by delivering immersive, value-adding, engaging commercial content for their enjoyment. Telling a story with genuine audience appeal forges positive brand associations and can build corporate trust.

Content with real storylines

Traditional advertising is simple for a savvy audience to tune out. Drawing them back in is possible, though — if one has an appealing story, sympathetic characters and truly engaging content. Entertainment value goes a long way toward building lasting brand loyalty.

Innovative placement

Between social media, online video and off-peak TV, the options for placement where branded content gets a chance to shine are virtually limitless. These platforms provide scope for extended content, such as a running series that builds momentum, inviting the audience to return for more.

Branded content can also engage within an organisation, communicating company culture, changes and vision in an accessible, engaging way for management and employees alike.

A variety of styles

Our branded content is all about stories. There’s no limit to how you can present your ideas — from filmed content with a cast and locations, to animated videos starring bespoke characters, to motion graphics designed to communicate an idea, a creative solution is available for every corporate objective.