This reel showcases work by Masters & Savant and our represented talent. Credits on project pages.

Food Ads Talent Showcase

More than just snap, crackle and pop

When your product is edible, it had better look good enough to eat. When crafting our visuals — whether in-camera, in enhanced post, or entirely in 3D — we devote our attention to presenting true appetite-appeal, creating shots that sell not just food, but — more importantly — the experience of eating it.

Inciting the appetite

We excel in presenting all the elements that add to the pleasures of food: the rich warm colour of confectioneries and chocolate; the cool tones of fresh ingredients and the ripe, bursting colour of fruit.

Presentation and design are as important as the food itself — crafting a multi-sensory event that engages more than just the eyes. Sound is a vital sensation in piquing appetite: a crisp bite into an apple signals its firmness and flavour; the rolling boil of an open pot can make one almost feel the wisps of steam coming off it; the sizzle of a grill evokes the smoky scents hanging in the air nearby… It takes a total package to engage the senses; you need someone who can deliver all the right ingredients.

Our technical expertise in showcasing food

Liquid simulations: Pours, splashes, foams, fluid blends
Particle simulations: Flour, powder, spices, steam and smoke additions
Physical dynamics: Rigid and soft-body collisions, deformations etc.
Variable frame-rate shoots: Super slow-motion, stop-motion