This reel showcases work by Masters & Savant and our represented talent. Credits on project pages.

Illustration Showcase

 Workout Fail
Arcade Studio
 Starbucks – Valentines Day
Arcade Studio
 Santa Gifs
Arcade Studio
 Apple – Slash Generation
Arcade Studio

Breathtaking images that bring elegance, class and character to your brand

At Masters & Savant we handle more than video; we handle stills production too.


Our teams produce CG illustrations of the highest quality, bringing life and texture to complex subjects like liquid splashes, cityscapes and more. We can create illustrations in any style by using our extensive database of illustration talent, built up over 15 years.


Masters & Savant provide full production photography services, from pre-shoot to post production. We have experience in the full range of professional, commercial-level retouching skills required for high-quality advertising.

We’ll organise your stills shoot for the same day as the live action shoot — or the next — to get the best value from talent availability.

Our technical expertise in illustration

CG illustration | Illustration | Matte paintings | Concept artwork | Storyboards | Animatics | Gifs

Our technical expertise in photography

Casting | Location sourcing | Booking of all crew and gear | Photography | Retouching & deep etching | 360-degree photography for interactive 360 images | PR and publicity photography