This reel showcases work by Masters & Savant and our represented talent. Credits on project pages.

Live action Talent Showcase

From concept to screen, whatever the scope

Masters & Savant has production experience spanning two decades, specialising in live-action commercials, branders, corporate communications and more. From large-scale, multi-location productions down to smaller, more intimate studio and on-site shoots, across all budget ranges, we’ve served brands and clients in fashion, retail, fast moving consumer goods, broadcasting, car brands and beyond.

As the commercial advertising industry faces increasing pressure to achieve shorter lead times while maintaining peak quality and minute attention to detail, we offer the flexibility and expertise required to ease the pressures faced by agencies and their clients in delivering successful campaigns to the market.

Together with our production partners, we will devise a treatment and solution to match your brief. With access to the latest equipment, versatile studios, fantastically skilled crew and a country with a location for every environment, we’ll bring your vision to reality.

Our technical expertise in live action production

Direction | Performance direction | Location scouting | Cinematography | Talent casting | Scheduling | Studio set lighting | Chrome-key lighting | Studio set-design | High-speed filming | Location set design | Location art | Studio art design | Wardrobe design | On-set sound recording | Motion graphics integration