This reel showcases work by Masters & Savant and our represented talent. Credits on project pages.

Made for Online Talent Showcase

Video customised for the social media revolution

Not all videos are created equal, and Masters & Savant are experts in producing content tailor-made for online and social media. We create specialised video with the small mobile screen in mind. From the size of titles to the features of animated faces, every detail and emotion is visible.

Online, attention spans are shorter, so our content tells a story in less time with plenty of impact, grabbing the viewer’s eye in the first few seconds before they can scroll on to the next post in their feed. We put your brand front and centre, creating an engaging experience audiences won’t forget.

Working in the largely audio-free environment of social media, we tell stories that are visual and indelible. Our expertise covers the full range of new formats, such as vertical video, 360 video, 3D photos, cinemagraphs and videos sequenced in carousels.

Our technical expertise in online media creation

Live action production | Animation production | Motion graphics production | Subtitling