This reel showcases work by Masters & Savant and our represented talent. Credits on project pages.

Medical animation Talent Showcase

Visualising medical science through exacting technical detail

Science demands accuracy and deep analysis, so creating animations of the human body requires next-level attention to detail and obsessive research. Depicting the microscopic building blocks of tissue, the intricate workings of organs, the shifting flow of blood, fluids and air through the body, requires dedication and deliberation as well as technical skill.

Medical visualisation means striking a fine balance between satisfying experts and engaging their audience. Whatever the complexity of your requirements — sparse 2D illustrations and animations; lush, complex 3D worlds or anything in between — we’ll bring your vision to life.

From medications to devices; maladies to surgical treatments; musculature to skeletal system to cardiovascular network; bringing to life the body’s workings, both inside and out, our team will

  • make accuracy paramount
  • ensure the audience is simultaneously engaged and informed
  • keep technical detail understandable as well as manageable.

Our technical expertise in medical animation

Concept art | Storyboarding | Illustration | Infographics | Photoreal VFX | Modelling | Animation | Lighting | Texturing | Simulations | 3D environments | Digital matte paintings