This reel showcases work by Masters & Savant and our represented talent. Credits on project pages.

Motion graphics Talent Showcase

Show and tell through multimedia

The most varied and widely-used animated medium is probably motion graphics, central to internal messaging for corporates, public broadcast and web video — whether 2D or 3D. Using titles, diagrams, characters, charts and other graphic elements, motion graphics tease apart complex processes and concepts to make them engaging, comprehensive and easy to understand. Add narration, sound design and music to further enhance the visuals.

Whereas conventional animation places a protagonist at the centre of the narrative flow, motion graphics foreground more abstract concepts or processes. Customised motion graphics reinforce corporate brand identity and are the most engaging and informative way to present persuasive data to your audience.

Planning from start to finish

A successful motion graphics project relies heavily on planning and good scripting. We’ll take your script, break it down into storyboards and produce an animatic before moving into final production. Or give us your basic brief and we’ll start from scratch, designing the script and visual concept, and cover the entire production through animation, sound and final delivery.

Motion graphics has multiple applications

Explainer videos | Corporate communications | Employee video manuals | Event promotion | Live-event visuals | Stage graphics | Outdoor digital billboards | Brand advertising | Stings | Squeezebacks | Title builds | Logo builds