Pharma & Health

This reel showcases work by Masters & Savant and our represented talent. Credits on project pages.

Pharma & Health Showcase

 Vaseline – Dragon
 Perskindol – Dolo Gel
Arcade Studio
 Lucky Specials Feature Film – Medical Animations
Chris Lockhart
 Breast Cancer
We Are Batch
 Inside Story – Stadium Composites
 Inside Story – The Virus Was Winning The Game
 Inside Story – This Is When I Got The Virus
 Inside Story – My Body Was Fighting Back
 Inside Story – My Body Hadn’t Figured Out It Had A Problem
 Inside Story – It Showed Up On The Test
 Inside Story – Kick
 Inside Story – My Body Got Stronger
 Inside Story – I Wasn’t sick Yet
 Stanford Childrens Health – Another Planet
Chris Lockhart
 Stanford Childrens Health – Head Bonks
Chris Lockhart
 Stanford Children’s Health – Are We There Yet
Chris Lockhart
 Stanford Childrens’ Hospitals – Highlights Reel
 Dobendan – The Moment
Chris Lockhart
 Stanford Children’s Health – Peas & Carrots
 Stanford Children’s Health – Eyepatch
Chris Lockhart
 DenTek – Shark
Killer Robot
 Stanford Children’s Health – SCH Explained
Chris Lockhart
 Stanford Children’s Health – Stop Sign
Chris Lockhart
 Elevit – How much should you eat while you’re pregnant?
We Are Batch
 Connecticut Children’s Hospital – Grow
Bernie Roux
 Urban Trials
Studio Bolland
 Teenage Cancer Trust – Fight Cancer
Studio Bolland
 Ackermans – Trainers
Candice Wainwright
 Adidas – Black is Back
Reto Reolon
 Discovery Health – Vitality Keycare AV 2016
Studio Bolland
 Outsider – Domestic Violence
Post Office Studios
 NutriDay Junior – Little Lions are Fuller Longer
 NutriDay Junior – Little Lions are Kind
 NutriDay Junior – Little Lions are Smart
 NutriDay Junior – Little Lions are Strong
Albino Animation
 World Mental Health Day
Post Office Studios
 Lenskart – Aquadrop
Post Office Studios