This reel showcases work by Masters & Savant and our represented talent. Credits on project pages.

VFX Talent Showcase

Enhancing every frame with digital ingenuity

We’re in the business of wowing audiences. The incredible advances in tools and technology over the past 30 years have allowed VFX companies to achieve more in the studio than was ever thought possible, allowing for more elaborate visions to be realised.

Through careful planning and the technical skill of our artists and teams, we provide extensive and astounding visual effects, from the straightforward — wire and rig removal, sky replacements, rotoscoping, chroma-key — to the intricate — 2D and 3D tracking for small items from logo and pack replacements, through to 3D match-moves for augmented shots with objects tracked into a moving scene or onto a moving and translating object.

For the truly epic shot, we provide set-extensions, digital matte painting for creation of backgrounds and wider vistas, and crowd generation to fill your grand scene with hundreds or thousands of people.

On large projects our VFX vendors collaborate online and have scaled up across continents, allowing us to rapidly tool up for large or urgent productions.

Our technical VFX expertise

On-set supervision 


Conceptualising | Storyboarding | Concept art | Animatics | Look development | Pre-visualisation


Photoreal VFX | Tracking | Modelling | Animation | Character modelling | Character rigging | Character animation | Rotomation | Lighting | Texturing | Simulations (fluids, smoke, fire) | Stereography (for 3D glasses) | Face/head replacements | 3D environments | Match moving | Crowds, massive crowds | Water | Stereography


Graphics | 2D comps | 2D environments | Rotoscoping | Clean-up | Wire and rig removal | Set extensions | Digital matte paintings | Crowds extension | Monitor comps | Paint | Post visualisation | Wig fixes

Scans and models

LIDAR landscape scanning | Photogrammetry (digital doubles and 3D head scans) | Data wrangling AR+VR (Augmented reality and virtual reality) | Unreal Engine 3D VR | Unity Engine 3D VR | 360 video