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 1Password – Secrets Automation
We Are Batch
 #GuptaLeaks – Bell Pottinger
 #Guptaleaks – An Introduction
Studio Bolland
 Childline – Love me…love me not
Bernie Roux
 Childline – Lucy Moonflower
Bernie Roux
 Business Pharmacy – Whats BOP
 Taylor Blinds – Training Video
 COP 17 – Image Package
 Cell C – In Your Hands
 Wines of South Africa – Integrity Sustainability Seal
 Cansa – Stay With Me
 22Seven – Grown Apart
Candice Wainwright
 22Seven – Eye to Eye
Candice Wainwright
 22Seven – Regrets
Candice Wainwright
 Metropolitan – Funeral Plan Infomercial
Candice Wainwright
 SASSI – In Flight
Gerhard Human