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 Strangers You Know – Title Sequence
 OMG-ODISHA – Title Sequence
Post Office Studios
 MTN – The Sounds the Call – Steve Tshwete
Albino Animation
 MTN – The Sounds the Call – Os Durant
Albino Animation
 MTN – The Sounds the Call – Laurie Kay
Albino Animation
 Disney The Rocketeer – TV Show Identity
 Expresso – Morning Show
 Pasella – Title Sequence
 Debra Deel
Albino Animation
 Phil 101 – Title Sequence
Albino Animation
 Chernobyl: Alone in the Zone – Title Sequence
Craig Hunter Parker
 DOMINION – Prologue Sequence
Craig Hunter Parker, Motif
 Carte Blanche – Title Sequence
Chris Lockhart
 Chris Lockhart – Showreel
Chris Lockhart
 DStv African Festive – Animal Turntables
 DStv African Festive – The Making Of