Motif Showreel – Film VFX
 Deloitte – Alchemy of Marketing
Candice Wainwright, Killer Robot
 Elizabeth Arden – Chinese New Year 2023
Candice Wainwright
 DenTek – Frog
 DenTek – Ostrich
 DenTek – Shark
Killer Robot
 Mingle – Entj
 Mingle – Enfp
Arcade Studio
 Mingle – Istj
 Renault Plug-Inn
Arcade Studio
 Noodle Audition – Britain’s Got Talent
 Noodle and Bun – Zombie Chickens
 Ghirardelli – Hearts Reveal
Killer Robot
 Ghirardelli – Bunny Reveal
Killer Robot
 The House of Machines
Gerhard Human
 We Are Batch – Showreel
We Are Batch