Post Office Studios yet again partnered up with Asian Paints to conceptualize and produce five animated films for their campaign ‘Colour Next 2020.’

Every year, Asian Paints brings together the best of design and research principles to curate trends of the year, reflecting the aesthetic of that time. These trends are translated into home decor themes for the upcoming year. The four diverse trends this year are Sonic, Potent, Blend, and Mystique, in addition to Asian Paints’ Colour of the Year for 2020, Curiosity.

Post Office Studios analyzed the studies conducted by the brand to arrive at each theme that could justify the design trends. The process involved frequent moodboarding and discussions with the research and design teams. Once the themes were finalized, the next step was to create these films that could visually elevate the concepts and bring life to them.

Post Office Studios have always believed in the power of creative collaboration. Keeping this in mind, we connected with over 100 artists across the world, specializing in sectors such as 3D and 2D motion design, music composition, and animation, to create this film series. The idea was to use different mediums and creative styles to represent each colour theme.

The final production team comprised 22 artists from the UK, Spain, USA, Sweden, and India.

Conceptualized and Produced by Post Office Studios.