Doritos – Snapchat Triangle Tracker – Triangle of David

Inspired by the triangular shape of a Doritos chip, these quirky animated spots direct the viewer to use Snapchat to scan triangles in real-life and win prizes. The campaign was designed and animated by Albino and directed by their amazing Werner Burger. He worked closely with the GS&P team to develop executions suited to Dorito's fun and weird brand tone.

GS&P awarded the campaign after an intensive search for a team that could manage all of the various visual styles the GS&P team needed. and also deliver in record time.

Frito Lay. SVP Brand Marketing, Frito-Lay: Stacy Taffet. Doritos Senior Marketing Director: Caio Correa, Courtney Larson. External Communications Senior Director: Dan Cohen. Doritos Marketing Director: Robert Zmitrewicz, Briana Soria, Marlowe Williams. External Communications Director: Ashley Capps. Associate Social Director: Erin McCarthy. Doritos Marketing Manager: Matthew Saegert, Katherine Guarino, Tyler Melville. Internal Communications Manager: Jillian Emens. Senior Marketing Analyst: Jonny Goldenberg. Social Strategist: Carson Bursey. Community Manager: Kyle Davis. Account Executive: Emily Rule.Goodby Silverstein and Partners.Head of Production: Jim Haight. Executive Producer: Sara Ward. Senior Producer: Marina Rodrigues (up to bidding), Nick Miller. EP Senior Business Affairs Manager: Annie Holmgren. Business Manager: Alex Fordham. Group Creative Directors: Eamonn Dixon, Stefan Copiz. Creative Director (CW): Ricardo Uribe. Associate Creative Director (AD): Ricardo Matos. Art Director: Neha Guria. Group Account Director: Chris Nilsen. Account Director: Liza Chedrick. Account Manager: Camille LeJeune. Assistant Account Manager: Sara Young.Production Company: Masters and Savant. EP: Roger Smythe. Animation Director: Werner Burger. Design & Animation: Albino. Sr Producer: Alise Antrobus. Sr Producer: Justine Smollan.Record/Mix Studio. Studio Name: E-Level. Head of Production: Michael Damiani. Producer: Josh Brown.Engineer: Nicholas Dematteo.

 Doritos – Snapchat Triangle Tracker – Tent
 Doritos – Snapchat Triangle Tracker – Retro Gaming
 Doritos – Snapchat Triangle Tracker – Pyramid Abduction
Albino Animation
 Doritos – Snapchat Triangle Tracker – Lava Lamp
 Doritos – Snapchat Triangle Tracker – Gnome
 Doritos – Snapchat Triangle Tracker – Cowboy Sign
 Doritos – Snapchat Triangle Tracker – Cow And The Triangle