Carolyn Hadlock - Principal, ECD - Young & Laramore, Indiana

Pick 3.

It’s a well-known fact that you can’t get something quickly, well done and on budget. Pick 2, right? M&S proved us wonderfully wrong in the work they did with us for our client Goodwill. With COVID we knew the demand would be high for animation. We chose animation, not because of these constraints, but because it was the best expression of our idea. However, we were turned down a fair amount from production companies (US and International) because of the high demand. So when we ran across M&S and reached out to them, we were delighted that they were not only available to do the work for our budget, but that they were putting one of their head people on the job. Had we known about them earlier, it would’ve saved us a lot of time.

We’ve done international production before, and remote animation, so we weren’t too concerned about the South African piece. But they put us and the client at ease from Day 1. They made themselves, not just the producer, but the entire team available to our team. They put routines in place with scheduled weekly calls and an online portal to keep us all in sync throughout the process. They worked on our time-zone and actually having time lag was really great because it gave us time to review the work and collect our comments.

Process is important, but that’s not why I would recommend M&S. I’d recommend them because of the spirit they approached the project with. They were collaborative, open, and fun to work with (sounds cliché, but it’s true). They had a point of view but they also flowed with our team, even when the client was on, so we progressed through the work efficiently. They overdelivered, but didn’t make us feel it.

One unanticipated benefit they brought to the work was an international sensibility. Obviously, diversity is a key issue for all agencies today, but they are so well-versed in that culture, they naturally brought that perspective to the work. Having another viewpoint culturally helped make the work better, and more relevant.

We are excited to work with them again and can’t recommend them highly enough.

Produced by Masters & Savant. Producer: Alise Antrobus. Directed by Gerhard Human. Animation by We Are Batch.

 Goodwill – Keeping it Going
We Are Batch, Gerhard Human
 Goodwill – Positive Energy
We Are Batch, Gerhard Human
 Goodwill – The Good in Everyone & Everything
We Are Batch, Gerhard Human