VML Y&R had an ambitious concept for Hollard Insurance: offer a premium rebate to clients who volunteer in their communities. To launch this initiative, they constructed a campaign that aimed to show how each individual grows when they pay back into their neighbourhoods. The optimum mix was conceived as a blend of real environments with animated characters who grow into giants through the work they put into their city.

The creative team, led by ECD and shoot director Ryan McManus, brought us on board to join pre-production on the animated portions of a citywide shoot in downtown Johannesburg. Working with Paulynka Hricovini’s character designs, we storyboarded and constructed animatics for the shoot (produced by DISCO). From the shoot onwards, we handled offline editing, illustration, character and scene animation, compositing, grading, and online. We also did all the compositing and setups for the out-of-home campaign visuals. As usual, we hosted all the review sessions with the agency and client and delivered multiple assets destined for TV, print, online, and social media. Ultimately, we helped bring the agency’s vision to life with beauty and consistency for a campaign that had a lasting impact.

FOR HOLLARD: CMO (Chief Marketing Officer): Heidi Brauer, Marketing Head: Joanna Mondon, Group Marketing: Nikki Belford, Group Marketing: Beverley Stokler.FOR VMLY&R: Director / Chief Creative Officer: Ryan McManus, Creative Director: Ana Rocha, Business Unit Director: Gia Pope, Head of Production: Wendy Machanik, Project Manager: Lerato Mtshali, Copywriter: Thabiso Ntuli, Warrick Sherrell.ANIMATION & POST BY MASTERS & SAVANT: Masters & Savant Producer: Alise Antrobus, Animation Director: Chris Lockhart, Illustration: Paulynka Hricovini, Edit: Chris Lockhart, Lead Cel Animator: Gerhard Human, Animation Textures: Christiaan Venter, Additional Animation: Charl Smit, Additional Illustration: Studio Bolland,  Compositor: Edwin De Swardt,  Colourist: Nic Apostoli.LIVE ACTION PRODUCTION: Disco Creatives.