In their quest for improved messaging interoperability between Android and iMessage, Google maintained a campaign website called “Get The Message”, which was a public call for Apple to adopt RCS - a messaging standard that would bring modern features not supported by SMS. DAVID Miami invited us to pitch on a new integrated campaign to bring this message to even greater awareness. Every September, Apple unveils a new iPhone to the world. DAVID’s idea was to use this same window period to launch a parody product called “iPager” - a dig at Apple and a humorous throwback to the 90’s when portability was a novelty and SMS was king.

From the very first treatment presentation, we had a 3D device mocked-up and a ton of gags to propose. We threw in extra concepts with novelty case colors, dated catch-phrases and corny features. The collaboration on ideas was an instant success! By the end we delivered visuals and final production artwork for a hero video, packaging artwork for physical prototypes, and digital and static billboards. Building off the hero video asset, we produced multiple cutdowns and created unique content adapted for square and vertical video for posts across YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter/X.

The campaign launched a week after the iPhone 15 reveal - with fantastic reactions and delight across social media. Less than two months after the campaign launch, Apple announced they would be adopting RCS as the new backup messaging standard - finally supporting group-chats, read-receipts and improved support for audio, images and video.

Happy client, happy agency and high fives all around!

iPager - Colors

iPager - Pain Points (Instagram Story)

iPager - RCS (Instagram Story)

iPager - Green Bubble Problems (Digital Billboard)

iPager - Colors (Instagram Carousel)

Agency: The David Agency Miami, Client: Google, Producer: Thiago Zveiter, Head of Production: Brenda Morrison Fell, Chief Creative Officer: Rafa Donato, Group Creative Director: Alejandro Juli, Associate Creative Director: Bruno Reis, Associate Creative Director: Joao Corazza, Social Media Content Strategist & Community Manager: Mafe (Maria) Maceda, Account Supervisor: Isabella Carrion, Account Executive: Patricia Menendez.Produced by Masters & Savant, Producer: Kelsey Calder, Director: Chris Lockhart, Animators: Sean Frawley, Yolandi Meiring, Finishing Artist: Sean Frew.