For the launch of a new bottled product, VML Y&R wanted to ditch the usual men-in-a-bar approach and create something that spoke to a contemporary vision of rarity and craftsmanship. For the targeted demographic, the agency wanted to go with a decidedly bold visual approach that hewed more to high-end sneaker and fashion commercials than stuffy whisky ads.

The agency was wonderfully supported and collaborative as we built a treatment around their three basic themes - fashion, night club and precious metals. We created three distinct videos that were like music videos for the spirits category: a collage of video and sound that evoked a brand mood while showing the construction of the new bottle and label.

Produced by Masters & Savant. Director: Chris Lockhart. Producer: Alise Antrobus. Animators: Sean Frawley, Gerbrand Nel, Hennie Kok.

 Jameson Select Reserve – Social Media
 Jameson Select Reserve – Fashion
Chris Lockhart
 Jameson Select Reserve – Sand
Chris Lockhart