COW UK: Creative Director: Donald Swanepoel. Actress: Inge Beckmann.
MOTIF: Director: Craig Hunter Parker. Producer: Jacques Bock. Executive Creative Director: Donald Swanepoel. DOP: Barrett de Kock. Gaffer: Warrick LeSeur. Spark: Themba Blom. Props/Wardrobe: Marc Pleass. Makeup: Janine Jackson-Smith. Medic: Brian Peters. Security Manager: Bongani Shamase. Sound Design: Jacob Thomas Czech. Sound Mix: We Love Jam.
MOTIF POST PRODUCTION: Andre Janse Van Vuuren, Demi-ray Goldberg, Galeed Majiet, Linda Middleton.

An incident in the North Sea is recorded…
A short film commercial we directed and produced with COW UK for Kraken RUM UK – starring South African Actress, Inge Beckmann.