We're so proud of these medical animation sequences. They were featured in full-length feature films produced by Quizzical Pictures & Discovery Learning Alliance.

This montage is cut from medical animation sequences for the latest movie we contributed to - 'The Lucky Specials’. It is now the second most viewed movie in Africa and is broadcasting in 22 countries. It tells the story of a cover band in a dusty town in Southern Africa. Mandla is a miner by day and plays lead guitar for The Lucky Specials by night; he dreams of making it big in the music industry. When he contracts tuberculosis, the band, Mandla and their friend, Nkanyiso, struggle to hold everything together.

Well done to animation director Chris Lockhart and team who created these stunning educational sequences. They allowed many people to understand for the first time how treatable tuberculosis can be if treated properly.

Produced by Masters & Savant. Director: Chris Lockhart.