Publicis had a mixed animation and live-action campaign in mind for their client Old Mutual Insure - to demonstrate the insurer’s benefit to small businesses, they wanted to show the progression of an industrial designer's idea, from concept drawings to manufactured product.

Settling on the story of a toy designer, Greg Williams, and the team asked us to cover the entire production. We began with a treatment that featured animated schematics on a designer’s page and the end product of a plush toy. We produced all the assets for the campaign including character design, storyboards and animatics, physical toy construction (and packaging) as well as casting, shoot, and all post-production through to delivery in various formats. All-in-all, it was a successful and enjoyable collaboration with the creative minds at Publicis.

Director: Chris Lockhart. Producer: Kelsey Calder. Production Manager: Alexis Ziman. DOP: Deon Van Zyl. Cel Animation: Gerhard Human. Edit: Chris Lockhart. Storyboard & Previz: Sean Frawley. Compositing: Hendrik Kok & Gerhard Human.