OMO – Interactive Photo

CLIENT – OMO, Unilever South Africa

ADVERTISING AGENCY – Digitas Liquorice, Chief Creative Officer – Brian Carter, Creative Directors – Justin Osburn, Editing – Farran Sole, Brian Carter, Account Manager – Claudia Bostock
Project Manager – Tamlyn van der Horst, Second editing phase – Farran Sole, Brian Carter

PRODUCTION COMPANY – Masters & Savant, Director – Candice Wainwright, Photographer – David Prior, Senior Producer – Alise Antrobus, First editing phase – The Sett Digital team


We’re so proud of the new OMO South Africa Facebook ad which encourages you to not fear the dirt! It’s an interactive 360 photo produced for OMO, Unilever in collaboration with the amazing team at Digital marketing agency, Digitas Liquorice. The promotion is delivering amazing levels of engagement in terms of “likes”, “loves”, “wows”, comments and shares. Click here to try it for yourself! And don’t forget to find the hidden teddy bear….😉