Panda is all about giving people the right care at the right time to support and create a healthy mind. We assisted the Panda team by creating 11 educational films for their product platform. The videos range from educational content to guided meditations.

Panda is built around our mission where we believe that everyone should have access to the right mental health support & resources at the right time. Panda offers unique in app features guided to aid you on your mental health journey.

Produced by: Luke Apteeker, Jade Klara. Directed by: Lené van Heerden, Daniéla de Lange. Illustrated by: Lené van Heerden, Viola Chloe Hunter. Animated by: Daniéla de Lange, Lené van Heerden, Jessie George, Catherine Theodosopolous.

 Panda – Social Strength
 Panda – Positive Psychology
 Panda – Pop
 Panda – Endurance
 Panda – Endurance Moments
 Panda – B.E.A.R