Gerhard Human Represented Worldwide.

This fascinating contemporary artist and director will entice you with his crafted characters & worlds.

Gerhards’s Featured Work

Gerhards’s Biography

Gerhard Human is the creative director of Masters & Savant’s Cape Town office and an internationally recognised contemporary artist. He has exhibited in South Africa, New York, Sydney and Amsterdam. His personal works function as insightful windows into the disconnection of human nature; ideas about cultural stubbornness, short-sighted idealism and ignorance resulting from a lack of compassion.

Masters & Savant. Be moved.

Selected Exhibitions

  • Locals Only, Durban, Johannesburg, Cape Town
  • Skateboarding is a Crime (Solo Show)
  • Clarke’s, Cape Town; Inanimate Object (Solo Show)
  • Searle Street Post, Cape Town
  • Inanimate Object (Solo Show), WOLVES, Joburg
  • One in a Million, Salon91
  • The Path Less Deconstructed, M Contemporary, Sydney, Australia
  • Those Who Wander, Salon91
  • GRAF/LIT: Urban Interiors, Youngblood Gallery Cape Town
  • Graphic Radicals, AMAK, Muizenberg
  • Bleeding Edge, Compagnietheater, Amsterdam
  • Past Futures, Salon91