Jannes Hendrikz

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Jannes’s Biography

Jannes Hendrikz is a visionary director and an expert in his craft, creating endearing, magical worlds and breathing life into lovable characters.

His work, characterised by meticulous attention to detail, spans through the many mediums of stop-motion, miniatures, live action and both 2D & 3D animation. Jannes also formed a third of the fantasy collective, The Blackheart Gang, whose focus largely concerned explorations into a realm best known as The HouseHold, and which manifested in short films, books, music, and installation pieces.

Following the huge success of The Blackheart Gang’s part time project “The Tale of How”, Jannes established the multi-award-winning company Shy the Sun with Ree Treweek and Nina Pfeiffer. Shy the Sun was a concept-driven production house that mostly produced international commercials.

His technical expertise comes from his beginnings as a high-end compositor at renowned post company Black Ginger. He’s worked on commercials for international brands such as Electronic Arts, United Airlines and Ribena. His most iconic South African commercials are the beloved M-Net, Bakers Biscuits, and Friskies spots.

His success as an animation & live action director has been based on his selection of unusual artists and art direction, and his ability to galvanise and supervise teams of high end artists to achieve his remarkable vision.

Represented Worldwide.

Masters & Savant. Be moved.


  • Gold Award – Bakers: Precious Biscuits – Black Ginger – New York Film and Television Awards
  • First Place Golden Statuette Clover: Way Better (Shy The Sun) – Black Ginger – Mobius Awards
  • Clover: Way Better – Best International Animation (Shy The Sun) – Black Ginger – Infocom EME Awards Tale of How – Special Distinction Award – Annecy International Film Festival
  • Tale of How – Best Independent Film Award – Bradford International Film Festival
  • Tale of How – Canal+ Award – Cleremont-Ferrand Film Festival
  • Tale of How – Excellence Award (Silver) – Expose 3
  • Tale of How – Grand Master Award (Gold) – Expose 4
  • Tale of How – Artistic Perfection Prize – International Festival of Animation, St Petersburg, Russia
  • Tale of How – Grand Prix of Festival (Golden Peg Bear) – Animanima
  • Tale of How – Best Video Creation – Curtocircuito International Short Film Festival
  • Tale of How – Third Prize – Backup Festival
  • Tale of How – Best Animation Short Film – Festival Internacional de Cortometrajes
  • Tale of How – Best Film – Mnet Edit
  • Tale of How – Best Short Film – South African Film and Television Awards
  • United Airlines: Sea Orchestra – Craft Gold, Animation and Visual Effects – Loeries
  • United Airlines: Sea Orchestra – Sliver Award – Clio
  • United Airlines: Sea Orchestra – Bronze Award – Clio
  • United: Sea Orchestra – D&AD Annual – D&AD
  • United Airlines: Sea Orchestra – Animation – Communication Arts Awards
  • Bakers: Precious Biscuits – Silver Statue – London International Awards Festival
  • Bakers: Precious Biscuits – Gold Award – New York Film and Television Awards
  • Bakers: Precious Biscuits – Craft Gold, Art Direction – Loeries
  • Bakers: Precious Biscuits – Craft Certificate, Animation – Loeries
  • Mnet: Firefly & Ladybug – Bronze Medal, Motion-graphic Design – Loeries
  • Mnet: Firefly & Ladybug – Campaign Craft Certificate, Animation – Loeries
  • Alice: Madness Returns – Craft Certificate, Art Direction – Loeries
  • Alice: Madness Returns – Craft Certificate, Animation – Loeries
  • Clover: Way Better – First Place Golden Statuette – Mobius Awards
  • Clover: Way Better – Best International Animation – Infocom EME Awards
  • Clover: Way Better – Digital Gold Craft award – Loerie Awards
  • Clover: Way Better – Craft Certificate Animation – Loerie Awards
  • Amumu League of Legends: The Curse of the Sad Mummy – Craft Gold, Animation – Loerie Awards