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Marc Moynihan Represented Worldwide.

A 2D animation artist whose endearing work will charm you.

Marc’s Featured Work

Marc’s Biography

With a BA in Illustration and Animation from Cambridge School of Art, Marc has been working in animation production in the UK for the past five years. Marc’s all-round experience in short films and commercials has progressed his career from 2D animator to supporting director in visual and story development.

Marc has worked with high-profile studios, with roles including designer and storyboard artist for Aardman Animation and visual development for the popular ‘Simon’s Cat’. Marc was the visual development artist and designer for 12Foot6’s ‘Lost Property’ short film, which has been well received at international film festivals. In 2012, Marc won the UK National Redbull Canimation Animation Prize for his short film ‘Raaaawrrr!’. Marc has been an integral team member for projects in television animation for the BBC and Channel4 and advertisements for iconic brands such as Virgin Media, Innocent, Visa and Kelloggs.

Originally from Durban, Marc has recently returned to South Africa to get involved in the expanding animation industry (and escape the UK winters!).

Masters & Savant. Be moved.