Post Office Studios

This reel showcases work by our represented talent. Credits on project pages.

About Post Office Studios

Post Office Studios are a high-end animation and motion design studio who are also known for their vibrant style of work. Their clients include Absolut, Amazon Prime Video, Audi, Cadbury, Dewars, Gillette, Google, Hershey’s, Nike, OKCupid, One+, Netflix, Pepsi, Puma, Snapchat, RedBull, Spotify, TATA, TEDx, Tinder, Twitter, Unilever, Warner Records, and VICE.

They have a core team of over twenty in India, and a tried-and-tested network of over one hundred 3D, 2D, and motion-design artists across the rest of the world.

Represented Outside of USA & UK.

Masters & Savant. Be moved.