VFX & Animation Service

We provide very competitive vfx and animation service to film and animation
production companies, as well as in-house production units.

Vfx Service

We represent South Africa’s premier VFX vendors and talent. Their work spans features, shorts and series, and commercial production.
On large projects our VFX vendors collaborate allowing us to instantly scale up for large or urgent productions.


Handle all forms of VFX post, including motion capture
driven projects where they have deep experience using
both Xsens based and head mounted facial capture
rigs. They regularly support overseas VFX productions
by doing on-set supervision, rigging, animation, lighting,
rendering and providing script pipeline tools.

Are VFX all-rounders who also provide technical
services such as 3D photogrammetry, aerial and
terrestrial Lidar scanning stereography and Flame

Have massive post experience across sixteen
productions including Homeland, Mad Max, The
Brothers Grimsby, Eye in the Sky and many
more. They have handled more than 3150 shots
on longform projects alone.

Animation & Motion Graphics Service

We create emotive 2D, 3D and CG personalities to tell your story, in any visual style. We offer a dizzying array
of motion graphics styles, methods, typestyles and techniques in both 2D and 3D.


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