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 SOARUS – Game Play Trailer
Studio Bolland
 Star Wars Fan Short – Ahsoka + Grievous Battle
Craig Hunter Parker, Motif
 Amazon – Prime Day 2023
Hilton Treves
 Elizabeth Arden – Chinese New Year 2023
Candice Wainwright
 DenTek – Frog
 DenTek – Ostrich
 Noodle and Bun – Zombie Chickens
 Black & White – Magic of Sharing
Post Office Studios
 Alan Irvin – Chicken Licken – Time Traveller
They Shoot Films
 Grant de Sousa – Chicken Licken – Big John
They Shoot Films
Craig Hunter Parker, Motif
 Doritos – Snapchat Triangle Tracker – Tent
 Energy Ogre Texas
Albino Animation
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Studio Bolland
 Uncharted Waters
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